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 Papeterie Gerex, based in the Grenoble area is specialized in coating, impregnation and lamination of paper or nonwoven:

  • Antislip paper interlayer for palletizing
  • Antislip mats for truck floor STABILIZATOR 550
  • Silicone paper
  • DuPont™ Tyvek® or paper fireproof M1
  • Varnish paper barrier to aromas, grease, water, steam and plastic free
  • Waxed paraffin paper , bitumen paper
  • Coldseal paper 
  • Offset or inkjet printing paper


Indutex, located in Villers-Cotterets, produces packaging fabric with wax oil or beeswax

  • Anticorrosion waterproof moldable sticky fabric
  • Bee wrap : sustainable alternative to plastic film in the kitchen
  • BONE GUARD fabric avoid perforation of vacuum bags of meat with sharp bones
  • Nonslip velvet touch placemat for restaurant, hotel or caterers
  • Hopi ear candle beewax for ear care  
  • Grafting tape Indugref for fruit trees